10 Advantages of Natto NKCP

A summary list of the benefits of Natto NKCP

1.Improvement of Blood Fluidity

NKCP shows dual functionality - clot prevention called an anticoagulant effect and smooth blood flow called a fibrinolytic effect. NKCP works on the balance between the thrombus dissolving activity and thrombus forming activity of the blood. Balance of those is a sign of healthy blood.

2.Easily Absorbed

NKCP is easily absorbed into the body through the normal processes of absorption in the intestines, but it is more efficient if the Extract is taken in conjunction with other food rather than taking it on the empty stomach, since the activity of the Extract is reduced at pH below 5.


There are currently no reported safety issues or contraindications with Natto NKCP. Being an extract from a traditional food, this product is very safe to take. It is advised, however, that if having a specific medical problem or if taking prescription medications (especially medication relating to thrombosis or blood circula- tion), it is recommended to consult physician before taking NKCP.

4.Backed by Research

Proprietary Extract of Natto Bacilli Culture in Natto NKCP has been (and continues to be) the focus of scientific and clinical research, in Japan, the USA and Europe.

5.Natural and GMO-Free

NattoNKCP is a natural food supplement made of fermented soybeans. It is not a drug, a synthetic chemical or genetically modified.


There is none of the effectiveness tail-off experienced with most other supplements and immunomodulators. This means that Natto NKCP can be very effective long-term.

7.No Contraindications

[ add description ]

8.Easy to Take

As a palatable oral supplement, available in easy-to-swallow tablets or soluble powder, Natto NKCP is very easy totake. (You can even empty a sachet directly into your mouth — that is how palatable it is.)

9.High Quality Manufacturing

Natto NKCP is manufactured to the exacting standards of Daiwa Pharmaceutical in Japan — the developers of Natto NKCP — and conforms to both the stringent Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare standards as well as the European and US food standards.

10.Proven Track-Record

Since Natto NKCP was developed in [ add year ], it has been successfully taken by hundreds of thousands of individuals who have wanted to enhance their immune systems.

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